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Message Sending

To send a message it is required to call POST method sending message parameters in the body with authorization data in the heading.


To receive Push WALLET API access email to You will receive a Sender ID required for using API.

Request parameters

Body of request (bulk)

Parameter Data type Description
from string Sender ID
to string Recipient MSISDN
MSISDN validation and cut
callbackUrl string Callback sender Url. Max is 1000 characters
callbackData string Callback data
scheduledTime string Message sending time in LocalDateTime format
mergeKey string (optional) Key to combine request and response
payload PushPayload Message content settings

PushPayload Object

Information about message being sent

Parameter Data type Description
title string Heading of the message
Max is 50 characters
message string Message text
Max is 2048 characters
image string Image Url. Max is 512 characters
deeplink Deeplink Marketing App access parameters

Information about an internal link in App

Parameter Data type Description
target string Points out the screen to go to when clicking on the message:
card - to the retailer issued card
campaign - to a specific promo on the retailer issued card
campaigns - to all promotions list on the retailer issued card
campaignId string Retailer promo ID to go to.
Mandatory if target = campaign.
Max is 512 characters

Request example

-H "Authorization: Key QWxhZGRpbjpvcGVuIHNlc2FtZQ=="
-H "Content-Type: application/json"
-d '{
        "from": "Company",
        "payload": {
            "deeplink": {
                "campaignId": "q123456",
                "target": "campaign"
            "image": "",
            "message": "Покупайте у нас всё!!!",
            "title": "Новая невиданная ранее акция"
        "to": "7926035511"
    }' ""

Response example (sending is successful)

  "result": [
      "code": "OK",
      "result": 3670367897656669056

Response example (failed to send)

  "result": [
      "code": "REJECTED",
      "result": null,
      "reasons": [
          "key": "invalid.image.url"

Response parameters

Parameter Data type Description
result string Message ID - processed successfully
Null - error occurred while processing the message
code string Points out the result of message processing:
OK - processed successfully
REJECTED - validation error
ERROR - internal error
reasons object Image Url. Max is 512 characters